v25: suga

Summer holidays are upon us, and I’m busy doing summer holiday things, so don’t expect too much in the way of deep linguistic insights the next several weeks… This week’s word: suga = to suck. Something you suck through: sugrör = straw. A word it took me a while to understand is dammsugare = vacuum-cleaner. I’d thought there was some link to dam = lady, but instead it’s damm = dust. Dammsugare is also a pastry roll coated in green marzipan and with the ends dipped in chocolate, which looks nothing like any vacuum-cleaner I’ve ever seen.

Relatedly, sugen = wanting, and leads to some great compounds:

Jag är kaffesugen.
I’m dying for a coffee.

Similarly gottsugen (sweets), pratsugen (conversation), röksugen (smoke), and so on. In fact, no matter what you want this summer, you could either find or invent a Swedish word for your state of mind: luftkonditioneringsugen, perhaps (since it’s 30C here right now)?

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  1. Hey Richard,

    Wanted to get your opinion on Lagom and translation/history of it. You have my email and I’ll forward you the mail.

    The first time I heard dammsugare, I thought “damn sugar!” Okay, bad joke…

  2. These are the kinds of vacuum-cleaners that gave rise to the name of the pastry:

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