And now – Spanish!

Thankyou to everyone who has followed my Swedish language blog over the past years. As you would know, I left Sweden in 2011 to return to Australia. This made it difficult for me to continue playing around in Swedish in the way I’d become used to while living there. However my interest in exploring languages remains, and I’m trying now to learn Spanish. “Words from Sweden” was such fun, that I’ve now started a Spanish learning blog, “Love in Spanish” ( Please have a look!

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v0: interlude

Of course there is no week zero. I just thought I’d take this opportunity to comment on my own blog, a meta-post if you like.

Those of you who have been following this blog will have noticed there were no posts from 24-Mar until 26-Nov this year. The main reason for this is that I left Sweden, 😩 , so that I no longer have regular contact with Swedish, nor do I have so easy access to my invaluable swedish language consultants (you know who you are!).

However, when checking in again on my blog, I noticed a funny thing. Site “views” (that’s what WP calls them) are increasing. My busiest month by far was November-2011, with 934 views. Second place was February-2011, with 687 views. And my busiest day was 22-Nov-2011, with 70 views.

Why is this? I suspect it has something to do with search engines. According to WordPress, these are the top 20 search terms which led people to my blog:

swedish words 150
sweden words 132
swedish word for snow 100
spiskummin 78
kön 55
swedish words for snow 54
swedish puns 54
glassig 34
words from sweden 32
swedish reflexive verbs 31
words in swedish 29
swedish modal verbs 24
swedish etymology 24
sje sound 24
sje-sound 23
dagsmeja 22
spiskumin 18
skapade 18
sweden puns 18
sÄnt 18

If you google “swedish words”, you’ll find me easily. For “spiskummin”, I am second only to wikipedia. In the thought that people may be interested in this topic, I’ve decided to persevere a little further. But I’m changing the numbering system to reflect the actual number of posts, and thanks in advance to those of you who I’ll still be asking for advice!

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Welcome to “words from sweden”

At last I finally convinced myself that it would be a good idea to start a blog to document my obervations / our discussions about interesting Swedish words. So I’ll take it upon myself to write about at least one word per week, whereas your committment should be to leave a comment, at least occasionally. For those of you already involved in my Swedish education, some of the words will be already quite familiar, at least at the start.

You can subscribe to receive “words from sweden” by email, by clicking on the button at the base of the right-hand column.

And now, a clue to next week’s word.

Next week’s word:

FyristorgWhat word do these two businesses (Hambergs fish restaurant and Bosses hairdresser) on Fyristorg in Uppsala have in common?

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